How to Replace a Zipper on a Backpack

Do you know a broken zipper causes much frustration that it would no longer be able to carry any luggage? Yes, it is. Many of us don’t know how to replace a zipper on a backpack so they discard the old one and spend money on the new one.

How to Replace a Zipper on a Backpack

Therefore, today I came up with this article to guide that you can easily replace or fix the broken zipper. You don’t need to worry about fixing the zipper because this article will help you in this regard with various conventional methods.

How to replace a zipper slider on a backpack?

It is not easy to change the backpack several times if its zipper slider got damage. That’s why you should know how to replace a broken zipper on a backpack for saving your money. At the start, it is not an easy job but gradually you learn to stitch the zippers of your backpacks.

A few things are mentioned below that you should have for replacing the slider.

  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Zipper foot
  • A new zipper
  • A scissor

These are the things that would help you to change the broken zipper easily instead of changing the whole bag. A durable dexterity can give a sleek look to your backpack as it is task care and attention as well.

Method to Stitch the Zipper

At the start, you may find it difficult but when you give it a try once then you would feel easy to stitch the bags. So, I have mentioned the method below for how to replace a zipper on a backpack with proper detail.

  • First, you have to check what is the length of your previous zipper that you are going to remove, so buy a new zipper of the same length.
  • Then you will remove the old slider with the help of a scissor or screwdriver. And then remove all the extra threads from this place.
  • Next, you will fix the zipper foot in the sewing machine so that it cannot be stitched with the ordinary machine foot.
  • Also, you will set the thread on the sewing machine to sew the bag without breaking the sequence.
  • Now, set the zipper along with the territory of the old zipper and fix it under the zipper footer.
  • After doing all the fixation, now you will start running the machine gradually so that this zipper does not damage the pin of the machine.
  • With smoothness, you will run the machine on the underside of the bag. After completing this stitching you can enjoy traveling more that your backpack is repaired with a new slider now.

Thus, this is an easy method that will make it convenient to change the zipper of your old and new backpacks as well. But during all this process, you must take care of the fiber of the bag. You have to take care of the cloth of the zipper place while removing the old zipper.

Also, your zipper should be stitched in a style that the tooth of both sides meets at the center easily. If the tooth is not closing easily then it will be a risk that the cloth of your new zipper will be torn apart.

Lubricants used for Zippers

You may find it weird but it is correct that some lubricants are used when this is new and is not closing due to friction. Mostly it happens when you are traveling and you are having heavy backpacks with lots of luggage.

For this purpose, you can use graphite or bar soap for reducing tooth friction. With the help of these lubricants, the zipper will easily slide on the tooth, so you can pack your luggage easily and carry it anywhere.

Here, the zippers are an important part of the backpack that would not get damaged when you are traveling. But if it happens then you should know how to replace a heavy-duty zipper on a backpack as they carry lots of accessories.

How to fix the loosened Slider?

Sometimes it happens that the zipper does not damage the tooth, but it’s thread loosens. That’s why it slides down from its exact place and you think your whole bag is out of use now. So, guys, it is not a big deal to fix this unstitched zipper back to its place.

What you need to stitch the zipper are a thread and a sewing pin, so you can easily fix the slider back. It needs a few stitches to the cloth under the zipper to repair the whole bed without investing an ample amount on the new bag.

If your zipper come off from one side?

It is irritating when your zipper is damaged but it is more irritating when it comes off from one side. So, you cannot discard your bag, and also it is of no use until it is getting repaired. To solve this issue, you have to take three steps without any difficulty.

  1. Use lubricants
  2. Use plier
  3. Align the both tooth

Use Lubricants

Mostly, it happens when the zipper is open from one side and the cause is the increase in friction. Or you may pull the zipper hurriedly that’s why it gets off from one side. So, with the use of some lubricants, you can repair the zipper and make the backpack use again.

Use Plier

Secondly, it is seen that when people are in hurry they started to open the tooth with their teeth. You should use a plier to open the tooth instead of your teeth as it may damage the tooth of the slider.

It would help to take the slider on the track easily without investing any amount of money in getting a new one.

Align the Both Tooth

In the last, you have to align both tooth clothes and run the lubricated slider on them. You will see that the damaged slider will work amazingly after repairing it.


In the above article, I have told you how to replace a zipper on a backpack without getting any difficulty. With the help of a few accessories, you can experience a previous perfect look on the slider of your old bag.

So, if you have found this article useful in replacing the slider in your backpacks then must acknowledge my efforts. You can drop your valuable feedbacks in the comment section.

Thank you!

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