How to Fix a Broken Backpack Strap

The most important part of every outdoor trip is the backpack as it accommodates all of your luggage inside it. But what if the strap of your backpack tears apart because of a heavy load or unequal distribution of weight? Then you can be in big trouble if something like this happens. However, you can turn it around by knowing how to fix a broken backpack strap. In this write-up, I will guide you fully, so just carefully go through the information given below!

How to Fix a Broken Backpack Strap

The most important and reliable method for fixing a broken backpack strap is to stitch it. Besides, it will not only save you the time of sending your backpack for repair and then waiting for its return but will also save you money. Also, it’s not as difficult so anyone can master it after following this process stepwise.

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Things Needed

Let’s first know about the things that you will need to carry out this process. These include:

A needle
Nylon thread (its length will be according to the width of your strap)
Nylon cloth

Note that, before starting this you have to offload your backpack to make it empty. This is mandatory because after this you will be able to hold your backpack in a comfortable position. Besides, it will be great if you can detach the frame sheet from a backpack.

How to Sew Fix a Broken Backpack Strap

Sewing a backpack strap will keep it securely in place hence, increase the strength of your backpack. To stitch it, you need to go through the following important steps:

  1. First of all, insert the nylon thread into the needle and put a knot on its end by aligning both ends of the thread. After doing this, cut off the extra thread from the end so that it doesn’t create trouble during sewing.
  2. Now pick up your backpack and observe does it has any extra threads or frayed edges. If it has that then trim off them as well for efficient stitching.
  3. After that, grab the nylon cloth and wrap it around the backpack strap by properly aligning it. Make sure that you have properly folded it around the edges as it has to protect them afterward. Besides, don’t forget to equalize the edges of the nylon as it’s the key to perfect stitching.
  4. Now it’s time to start the main process and for this, you just have to sew the edges of the backpack with nylon cloth by utilizing the needle. Here make sure that the needle is properly passing through the edges otherwise it will just slip off and the whole process will be useless.
  5. Once you are done with step four, you have to close the stitching. There are different methods to do this last step as some people just prefer to put two-three more knots at the end. However, it not only looks filthy but is also a less reliable method. The efficient way will be that you pass the needle halfway from the cloth and then just wrap it around.
  6. In the final step, cut the thread and detach it from the needle.

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Attachment with Backpack

After securing the strap of the backpack, now it is time to attach it to the bag. For your convenience, I have divided this process as well into a few steps which are mentioned below.

  • To begin this, add more thread into the needle if required. However, make sure that the thread’s length is appropriate if it is too long or too short then it can create trouble during sewing.
  • Secondly, align the strap with the end of the backpack where you have to attach it.
  • Now before stitching, make sure that the strap is well-aligned and is in place. After that, stitch it by using the backstitching method as it is highly durable, reliable, and recommended by experts.
  • After completing stitching, put a tight knot at the end to make it more secure. Adding to this, you can put more than one knot if needed but the final goal should be to close it completely.

How to Fix a Backpack Strap without Sewing

Not all people find it convenient to stitch a backpack strap and if you are one of them then continue reading. Besides, straps are attached with other straps or buckles so any defect in these can affect the overall performance of your backpack.

Adding to this, you can fix it by using some other tools however, these quick fixes will not for a longer time. As with time, these start to show signs of wear & tear so become pointless. Meanwhile, these will sort out your issue for a short so, you can consider these in emergency cases.

Below, I have briefly mentioned some of these essentials for your ease.

Tenacious tape
Spare Buckle
Duct Tape
Super Glue

How to Fix a Broken Magnet Strap on Backpack

You can also fix the broken magnet strap on the backpack by merely using the following two things:


Pick up any old unusable pendant available at home or purchase it. While a multi-purpose adhesive glue will work great, however, you can also use any elastic glue. The process is pretty simple as you just have to put the pendant in place with the help of glue. Just make sure that it doesn’t come out of the backpack by accidental pull or movement of the fabric.

How to Fix a Broken Backpack Strap Clip

  • Detach the old strap clip from the backpack by using a seam ripper.
  • Now take a new clip and put it in the place of the old clip.
  • After that, sew it with the help of a thread & needle. Make sure that the new strap clip is properly fixed on the place hence, it will not rip off again.

Can a Backpack Strap be Repaired?

Yes, a backpack strap can be repaired with some needles and thread. However, it is important to note that the repair will not be as strong as the original strap. Hence, it is advisable to only use the repaired backpack strap for carrying lighter loads. If you are planning to carry heavy loads, then it is best to replace the broken strap with a new one.

How do you Fix a Broken Bag Strap?

There are two ways to fix a broken bag strap. The first method is to use a needle and thread to sew the broken strap back together. The second method is to use a patch kit to repair the broken strap.

How to Fix Backpack Strap Adjuster?

If the backpack strap adjuster is broken, then you can easily fix it by following the steps below:

  1. First of all, remove the old backpack strap adjuster by cutting it off with a pair of scissors.
  2. Next, take a new backpack strap adjuster and thread it through the fabric loops on either side of the backpack.
  3. Then, pull the new backpack strap adjuster tight and knot it in place.
  4. You can also use a sewing machine to sew the new backpack strap adjuster in place for added security.


So, this was all about how to fix a backpack strap and I hope this will be helpful for you. However, it will be wise to choose a sturdy backpack so that you don’t need to go through this trouble during your trips.

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