How to Fix a Backpack Zipper – Step by Step Solutions

Struggling hard to fix backpack zipper? You have landed exactly at the right place. In today’s article, I’m going to tell you all about how to fix a backpack zipper with the minimum possible effort. 

How to fix a backpack zipper

A good backpack should have a good zip and provide you with enough protection for your accessories. If a zipper gets snagged, sticks, or slides off entirely, the bag is virtually useless. It is no longer safe to keep your items, which are completely exposed to theft and falling out.

It is not uncommon for backpack zippers to break. There are a variety of reasons why they break. If you use a backpack for hiking or if you use a backpack diaper bag, there’s a very good chance you will encounter problems with the zipper at some point. When this happens, using this guide on how to replace a zipper on a backpack will help you find a solution.

Different Types Of Backpack Zippers

There are actually a few different kinds of zippers on the market when it comes to keeping your backpack secure:

The molded (Plastic) Zippers

These zippers are made of distinct molded teeth that are made of Polyacetal resins and polyethylene that are durable. A zipper of this type is commonly found in backpacks for hiking, camping, and other high-performance activities. One of the main disadvantages of molded zippers is that they require replacement when even just one tooth is damaged.

Coil Zippers

It is made of polyester and has the best flexibility when zipping. In addition to being affordable and easy to use, coil zippers come in a range of colors and styles. These zippers need regular cleaning, however, as they tend to get dirty quickly.

Metal Zippers

The original design for metal zippers dates from the 1800s when zippers were first developed. At first, these zippers are solid, but they will rust and corrode over time and are heavier than the coil and molded zippers.

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How To Fix A Backpack Zipper On One Side

How to fix a backpack zipper

In this article, we discuss some of our top recommendations for making your zipper work again:

Include lubricants in your zipper’s teeth

Sometimes, the teeth of your backpack might need a little assistance from lubricants so that they can work again. Anything that contains chapsticks, crayon wax or petroleum jelly can be used. But, be careful to use them in a moderate manner and make sure that the material you choose to use doesn’t ruin your backpack or zipper.

Do not use your teeth for plier

It’s normal to feel frustrated feeling if the zipper of your backpack was ripped off on one side. But, there’s no reason to utilize your teeth as pliers while closing or closing the zippers. In fact, the use of your teeth is an easy way to harm your sliders to the point of irreparable damage.

Use masking tape to help you thread your zipper from the bottom

The process of aligning tracks and threading zippers could be difficult if you are unsure of your hands or your zipper fell from the direction of travel. Masking tape may assist in making the process simpler by allowing a smoother space for the slider to slide before it is able to reach the teeth.

Make small, equal strips of tape all around the tracks on your backpack. Be sure to leave sufficient space between them. This will allow you to easily slide the slider on the backpack.

How To Fix A Zipper On A Backpack

Before you can repair the zipper on your backpack that is broken it is important to be aware of the problem. There are four main reasons that a zipper may not be working properly, for example:

  • It is stuck to the track
  • The zipper teeth are bent.
  • The zipper pull is damaged.
  • The zipper slider has been damaged.

For each of these issues, there’s a unique solution. Sometimes there’s more than one solution for how to fix a broken zipper on a backpack.

How To Fix A Stuck Zipper On A Backpack

A zipper that is stuck in your backpack is likely to be the most frequent problem you’ll have to deal with. In most cases, it’s due to the zipper becoming filthy or clogged up. To resolve the issue is usually as easy as cleaning, or even lubricating your zipper’s teeth and zipper.

To grease, the zipper begins with a little washing detergent as well as warm water. After that, dip in a cotton swab mixture and wipe it clean across the entire line of zippers. The idea is to get the detergent to break the accumulated dirt within the zipper as well as the teeth and then release it.

How to fix a backpack zipper

Another method of lubrication is using graphite pencils. Simply rub the lead edge of the pencil upwards as well as down along the zipper lines, and focus on the area where the pencil is stuck. Making use of a crayon or household wax (like beeswax) is an alternative.

How To Fix Bent Zipper Teeth

The most frequent problem is for the teeth of zippers to be bent. This occurs with regular damage. If this happens, you can straighten bent teeth using a plier.

Depending on the material of your teeth, you can manipulate them to correct the bend and bring the teeth back to their normal position. Be sure to be cautious; using excessive pressure or force can break the teeth. In this case, you would need to replace the zipper entirely.

How To Fix A Zipper Pull/Slider On A Backpack

The most straightforward fix is to fix the zipper pull or slider. If you have a damaged zipper slider, all you require is pliers and a flat-head screwdriver to take off the slider and then put an alternative slider to replace it.

If you have a pull that is broken you can substitute a temporary pull instead using a paperclip, or keychain. It is also possible to use small pieces of ribbon or string.

How To Replace A Zipper On A Backpack

It’s sometimes not enough to fix a backpack’s zipper with the solutions above. When that’s the case, the zipper needs to be repaired completely. You don’t need to be a master of DIY to accomplish this. All you require is perseverance, basic sewing skills, and the right tools.

If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, you can take the backpack to a local shoe repair shop, and they’ll be able to repair the zipper on your behalf. Another alternative is to connect with the manufacturer. Sometimes such issues are covered by warranty. So if that’s the case, you might just be able to get a brand new backpack.

How To Fix A Broken Backpack Zipper

How to fix a backpack zipper

It’s easy to fix a broken backpack zipper! To start, remove the old zipper slider from the zipper. You should bring the slider to the top of the zip. If needed, a seam ripper can be used to remove fabric stitching. If there is a zipper stop, cut it with pliers to remove it.

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There’s a solution for any zipper problem you could face, no matter if it’s stuck on a track or has teeth that have been bent even if the zipper’s pull has been snapped off.

Sometimes you will need to replace the zipper entirely. However, the good news is this isn’t a challenging DIY job and you don’t have to purchase a new backpack. And you can always get help from someone else to do it.

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