How to Attach Trekking Pole to Backpack – Experts’ Guide-2023

Mostly, outdoor enthusiasts prefer carrying trekking poles but want to know how to attach trekking pole to backpack. We are here to guide you regarding how to attach trekking poles to your backpack. Undoubtedly, trekking poles are energy savers and provide the utmost support while trekking. 

Therefore, we suggest you use two poles instead of one and don’t worry about their attachment to the backpack. This step-by-step guide will help you from the beginning to the end.

You must be wondering about how to pack the poles into a backpack without any trouble. So we have got the easiest solution. Let’s dig in!

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How to Pack Our Poles Into a Backpack

The most convenient and secure method to pack your pole into a backpack is to pack the poles inside the backpack. It is advised to pack them at the end of the backpack and pack your clothes and jackets in such a way that they provide a cushion. However, keep in mind that most airlines do not allow you to take trekking poles with you because of security reasons. This tip is useful only if you are traveling by air. 

Moreover, don’t add any fragile items with the poles in a single backpack. Some more useful ways to pack your poles in a backpack are.

Attach the Poles Through Loops and Straps

Many brands offer straps and loops designed with backpacks to carry such poles easily. Thus, get a backpack that has attached straps and loops so that you can easily tie your pole to them. Doing so will help you keep the poles safe even when the backpack will be placed in a vertical position.

Use Spare Loops

Some backpacks do not have loops. In such a case, get the spare loops. And attach these loops to your backpack. These loops carry poles efficiently and do not make them fall in any situation. Interestingly, you can adjust them as per tour requirements.

Use the Side Straps

Some backpacks have side straps that can be adjusted. Get one and conveniently attach your trekking pole with them and tighten it as required. 

How to Attach Trekking Pole to Backpack Osprey

As you know, Osprey backpacks already have an attachment to carry a trekking pole when you wear the pack. Follow these simple steps to attach the trekking pole to the Osprey backpack.

  • Make the pole adjusted at the minimum possible length.
  • Set the adjustable loop to the left side of your backpack. 
  • Insert the basket ends of your pole into the elasticized loop once you pull out the loop.
  • Locate the icon of your pile on the left strap.
  • Pull to open the cord and adjust the pole handles into the loop.
  • Finally, adjust the cord lock to keep the pole safe and secure while you travel.
  • To remove your trekking pole, just reverse these points.

How to Attach Hiking Pole to Backpack

Till now, we have discussed attaching trekking poles to backpacks. However, we’ll discuss in this section attaching a hiking pole to a backpack. Hiking poles help a lot, for instance, to cross the river streams, to climb up the mountain, and whatnot. 

Anyhow, people find it difficult to carry hiking poles with them as there is not much space to carry them easily. Therefore, we’ll guide you on how to attach a hiking pole to a backpack. Here is a simple guide to learning about attaching a hiking pole to your backpack. 

  • Attach the hiking pole to the loop on the beneath side of the backpack. The basket of your pole will refrain the pole from falling.
  • Press the pole towards the bottom corner as much as you can so that it won’t fall during the hiking.
  • Tighten the loop so that the pole adjusts accordingly. You are good to go.

Furthermore, there is another trick to keep your hiking pole safe while traveling. The side pocket of your backpack is a lifesaver. Keep your pole in the side pocket whenever you travel next time. 

Finally, if you don’t find loops in your backpack, you must have a compression strap on either of the sides. These compression straps work equally in carrying hiking poles. You can easily find them on your backpack and tighten your pole with these adjustable straps. Moreover, the top carry is also an option to carry the hiking pole. It also keeps the pole horizontal so that it won’t fall. 

How to Attach Walking Pole to Backpack

Sometimes, backpacks have attachment points where you can attach your walking poles to the backpack. Some of them have attachments that are quick to open and close. If your backpack has such attachments, then untie it and fix your pole in it and then tie it again. 

Follow the below points in mind to avoid any mishap:

  • The handles of the walking pole should face toward the top position.
  • Tie the pole to the point it won’t feel loose anymore.
  • Attach one side of the pole to the lower loop of the backpack. 
  • Press the walking pole to adjust it so that it may not fall. 
  • Finally, tighten the pole with an adjustable strap.
  • These steps will make your walk comfortable and easy.


Many people out there want to know how to attach a trekking pole to a backpack to ensure the safest travel. Therefore, we have brought this guide to ensure that you understand each step regarding how to fix trekking poles to the backpack easily. From placing the pole at the top to attaching it to the bottom loops, this guide has covered all the important steps. 

However, we suggest you get a backpack that has loops and adjustable straps so that you can travel freely. You don’t need to worry about carrying a trekking pole in your hand during your journey. Moreover, you can enjoy your travel only if your hands are free and all your things are safely packed.

Q: Can I attach trekking poles to any backpack?

A: Not all backpacks have built-in attachments for trekking poles. While many hiking backpacks do, smaller daypacks or fashion-oriented backpacks may not. Check your backpack’s design or consult the manufacturer’s instructions to determine if it has dedicated attachments.

Q: Are there safety considerations when attaching trekking poles to a backpack?

A: It’s crucial to ensure that the trekking poles are securely fastened to prevent accidents. Test the attachment’s strength beforehand and be mindful of weight distribution. Additionally, follow any specific guidelines provided by your backpack manufacturer for safe and secure pole attachment.

Q: Are there alternative methods to attach trekking poles to a backpack?

A: If your backpack doesn’t have built-in attachments, there are alternative methods you can try:
Use external bungee cords or straps to secure the trekking poles to the outside of the backpack.
Slip the poles through the side compression straps of the backpack and secure them tightly.
Slide the trekking poles inside the backpack if there’s enough room and the poles are collapsed to a short length.

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