Can You Wash A North Face Backpack – Ultimate guide 2022

Washing your backpack or bag is probably not on your mind. You’re too busy packing and unpacking it to realize that it may be dirty, smelly, and in dire need of good washing. But in order to keep your backpack clean and smelling fresh, you’ll want to know how to wash it. Today we will show you how easy it is! So read on and learn more about can you wash a north face backpack!

Can you wash a north face backpack

Can You Wash North Face Backpacks

As with any other piece of outdoor gear, washing your backpack is vital to keeping it in good condition and ready to take on new adventures. Of course, since they are larger items than many other pieces of clothing or gear, washing can be slightly more involved. That’s why we’ve put together these top tips for washing your North Face backpack. You’ll also want to read our complete guide that takes you through how to wash a North Face jacket and sleeping bag.

How To Wash North Face Jacket

The North Face is one of today’s top brands in outerwear. It’s no wonder why as their product is designed to be both durable and functional in harsh environments, but washing north face jacket isn’t quite as simple as throwing it in your washer. If you want to maintain its original quality and protect its waterproofing, then you need to take extra care when cleaning it. Use these tips to learn how to clean your treasured piece of outerwear.

Before cleaning a north face jacket, inspect it closely for any loose or snagged threads or snaps that might come undone. Run these parts under cold water and reattach them before continuing. Whether hand-washing or machine-washing your north face jacket, always unzip all pockets; they may catch on other pieces during laundering which could cause damage to either item. Thoroughly wash inside all zippers with a brush or sponge.

How To Wash A North Face Backpack

Washing a north face backpack is an important process to ensure its longevity. Use only products specifically designed for backpacks and remember to keep them in a well-ventilated area while cleaning. Although many north face bags are machine washable, it is recommended that you hand wash yours. To clean a north face backpack, fill your sink with cool water and add one cup of gentle detergent to avoid damaging delicate straps or zippers.

Allow your backpack to soak in water for 15 minutes before rinsing. If you have used a laundry detergent, let it sit overnight in water, then rinse thoroughly before hanging to dry. Remove excess dirt and debris by running cold water through all zippers and compartments and gently scrubbing with a soft-bristled brush if necessary. Never use hot water on nylon or any fabric that could melt or fray. Before placing your backpack in storage, remove anything left inside it as moisture can cause mold to grow.

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Can You Dry A North Face Backpack

If you wash a north facing backpack, it is important to dry it. The most common and easy method to dry the backpack of a north facing after cleaning it is to hang it with a hook. The bag should be placed upside down to ensure that the water in the bag is able to drain down. You should hang your backpack for at least a day, and sometimes even longer.

However, be cautious. You should not make use of any dryer to dry your backpack quickly. If you attempt it, the material could shrink or become damaged. Additionally, you shouldn’t make use of any electronic device to speed up drying. Simply be patient and let the bag dry prepared for reuse.

Can you wash A North Face Backpack In The Washing Machine?

Some people wonder whether they can wash their north face backpacks in a washing machine. The simple answer is yes, but there are some important things to remember when you do. Follow these tips and take good care of your expensive gear, and it will last longer. Using cold water helps protect some of the fabrics that make up your backpack. 

Make sure that you don’t use soap with fabric softener in it since those products leave residue on your clothing which causes deterioration and eventually color fade. 

Make sure that any zippers or seams are closed so that no dirt gets into them while they’re cleaning through the spin cycle. You also might consider purchasing a specialty backpack cleaner so that you aren’t using harsh detergents on your favorite pack.

Do North Face Backpacks Get Dirty Easily?

How filthy the north face backpack can get depends on the location you carry the backpack and when you head out in it. In general, backpacks made by this brand don’t become dirty easily because they are made of top-quality waterproof material.

Regular cleaning of your backpack can spare you from trouble. When you transport it somewhere you’ll want to wipe it clean after the trip prior to storing it. This will prevent huge clean-ups that consume much effort and time.


Washing your North Face backpack is no different than washing anything else. Put it on delicate, wash in cold water, and hang to dry. If you have time, it’s better to air dry. However, if you’re stuck with a busy schedule, throw it in the dryer on low heat to preserve its shape as much as possible and make sure that it dries completely before using again.


Q. How To Clean A North Face Backpack

A. Today the most common question is How to Clean a North Face Backpack? So first close all zippers and unzip all compartments. Wash in cold water with your regular detergent (be sure to use cold water—if your washer doesn’t have an option to set it to cold, then run an extra rinse cycle after washing), and then let it air dry.

Q. How Often Should I Clean My North Face Backpack?

A. You should clean your backpack once a month for normal use, every two weeks if you are an active user, and at least one time per year.

Q. Can I Put My North Face Backpack In The Washing Machine?

A. You can, but it’s not recommended. Your north face backpack is made of some pretty tough material, but washing it in a machine will probably damage it. It’s also likely that you’ll ruin your machine and wash/dryer by washing an excessively dirty pack in them.

How To Wash A North Face Backpack Borealis

wash your north face backpack in cold water only. If you wash it in warm or hot water, you run the risk of shrinking or melting your backpack. Use a gentle detergent, and try to avoid using too much soap.

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