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External frame backpacks are a type of backpack that is supported by an external structure. If you’re looking for the best external frame backpack on the market, then you’ve come to the right place. Our blog post will provide a breakdown of various features and reviews from our staff testing team in order to help you find your perfect pack. A good external frame backpack is capable of carrying up to 40 pounds comfortably. Today, the best external frame backpack is a popular choice for outdoor activities such as mountain biking, backpacking, and snow sports.

Best External Frame Backpack

The Top 8 Best External Frame Backpack

If you are looking to buy an External Frame Backpack, then we have compiled a ”top 8 best external frame backpack”  list for you. Best external frame backpack reviews are given below.

8 Best External Frame Backpack

NO:1 NO:1 best external frame backpack 1 1 ALPS Mountaineering Red Rock External Frame Backpack
  • Brand:ALPS Mountaineering
  • Item Weight:‎3.69 Pounds
  • Material:Polyester
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NO:2 NO:2 best external frame backpack01 1 1 Vargo Exoti 50 Backpack
  • Brand:Vargo
  • Item Weight:1.21 Kilograms
  • Suggested Users:Unisex-adult
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NO:3 NO:3 best external frame backpack02 1 1 ALPS Mountaineering Zion External Frame Pack
  • Brand:‎ALPS Mountaineering
  • Item Weight:‎1.11 Kilograms
  • Suggested Users:Unisex-adult
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NO:4 NO:4 best external frame backpack03 1 1 Kelty Trekker External Frame Pack
  • Brand:Kelty
  • Volume:65L
  • Department:Mens
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NO:5 NO:5 best external frame backpack04 1 1 Kelty Tioga 5500 Classic External Frame Backpack
  • Brand:Kelty
  • Volume:65L
  • Department:Mens
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NO:6 NO:6 best external frame backpack05 1 1 ALPS OutdoorZ Commander
  • Brand:‎ALPS OutdoorZ
  • Item Weight:7.3 Pounds
  • Material:‎Ripstop Polyester
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NO:7 NO:7 best external frame backpack06 1 1 Kelty Yukon 48L Backpack
  • Brand:Kelty
  • Item Weight:4.75 Pounds
  • Suggested Users:Unisex-adult
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NO:8 NO:8 best external frame backpack07 1 1 ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Lite
  • Brand:ALPS OutdoorZ
  • Item Weight:4.7 Pounds
  • Material:Polyester
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1. ALPS Mountaineering Red Rock External Frame Backpack

The Red Rock External Frame backpack is a great choice for day hiking, traveling, and short trips. The main compartment has an interior pocket with organization for your personal items as well as a front mesh pocket to store any extra gear you need access to quickly. The shoulder straps are padded with breathable mesh material and have multiple adjustments so you can customize the fit of the pack. There is also a removable sternum strap that helps distribute the weight evenly across your chest and back.


  • Brand: ALPS Mountaineering
  • Weight: 3 lbs. 11 oz
  • Capacity: 34L
  • Strap type: Waist Strap

2. Vargo Exoti 50 Backpack

The Vargo Exoti 50 Backpack is a lightweight, ultralight external frame backpack that’s perfect for day hikes and short backpacking trips. The Exoti 50 boasts an ultralight titanium alloy frame and weighs just 2 pounds – making it the ideal choice for those looking to trim weight from their gear load. The Exoti 50 features an ergonomic lumbar support plate that provides excellent back support and ventilation, while a compression strap system makes sure your pack stays stable when you’re on the move.


  • Brand: Vargo
  • Weight: 2 lbs 11 oz
  • Capacity: 50L

3. ALPS Mountaineering Zion External Frame Pack

ALPS Mountaineering Zion External Frame Pack is a top-loading, 64-liter pack with a hydration pocket/port and lycra-covered suspension components. The vented lumbar support provides comfort for longer trips. It also includes water bottle pockets, zippers, multiple side pockets, an ice axe loop, and a front lashing system with a heavy-duty carry handle. The padded waist belt and shoulder straps and multiple shoulder strap positions provide great comfort for extended use.


  • Weight: 4 lbs 15 oz
  • ‎Brand: ALPS Mountaineering
  • Capacity: 64L

4. Kelty Trekker External Frame Pack

The Kelty Trekker is a traditional external frame pack that has been around for decades. It is built with durable materials and features a top-loading design, which makes it easy to access your gear. The Trekker also converts into a sling pack by removing the top lid and converting the shoulder straps into a single strap. This allows you to carry your bag like you would an over-the-shoulder purse or backpack, making it easier to get through crowds or tight spaces when traveling.


  • Weight 5 lbs 5 oz
  • ‎Brand: Kelty
  • Capacity: 65L

5. Kelty Tioga 5500 Classic External Frame Backpack 

The Kelty Tioga 5500 Classic external frame backpack is a trail-tested workhorse that offers heavy load-hauling capability. The rigid aluminum frame provides excellent stability and support, which means it’s the perfect companion for long hikes over well-maintained trails or even terrain. This pack features many zippered pockets to separate your gear while providing quick access to whatever you might need on the go.


  • Weight: 5 lb 9 oz
  • ‎Brand: Kelty
  • Capacity: 90L

6. ALPS OutdoorZ Commander

best external frame backpack

The Alps OutdoorZ Commander is the best external frame backpack for hunting. It has been designed to meet your needs, whether you are on a hunting trip or just going out and adventuring in nature. The Commander comes with many pockets that can hold all of your essential items while also providing maximum comfort when carrying heavier loads like gear and food.


  • Weight:  7 lbs 5 oz
  • ‎Brand: ALPS OutdoorZ
  • Capacity: 86L

7. Kelty Yukon 48L Backpack

The Kelty Yukon 48 Backpack is a great pack for your next adventure. It’s ready to go with all the features you need, including an external frame and top-loading design. The roomy main compartment can be accessed from the top or through the front-load zipper, so you can keep gear organized and close at hand. The top lid converts to a sling pack for easy carrying when you don’t want to wear it on your back. External compression straps help stabilize loads, and dual-density foam waist belts offer comfort and support while hiking or trekking.


  • Weight: 5 lbs 1 oz
  • ‎Brand: Kelty
  • Capacity: 48L

8. ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Lite

The ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Lite is the perfect pack for those looking to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. This lightweight external frame backpack can be used for a variety of activities including camping, hunting, fishing, or just casual day hikes. The padded waist belt allows you to securely carry a handgun with a clip-style holster while still having access to your other gear. Fully equipped with 3 extension lashing straps, mesh back band, adjustable shoulder harness, and organizational wing pockets this pack has everything you need for a comfortable trip into the wilds.


  • Weight: 4 lbs 11 oz
  • ‎Brand: ALPS OutdoorZ
  • Capacity: 56L

Best External Frame Backpack – FAQs

What is an external frame backpack?

An external frame backpack is a type of backpack that is supported by an external structure. The frame of the backpack helps to distribute the weight of the pack evenly, making it easier to carry heavy loads. External frame backpacks are popular for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and mountaineering.

How do you fit an external frame backpack?

When fitting an external frame backpack, first make sure that the shoulder straps are comfortable and not too tight. Then, adjust the hip belt so that it is snug but not too tight. Finally, adjust the load lifters so that they are level with your shoulders.

How do you clean an external frame backpack?

To clean an external frame backpack, first, remove all of the gear and accessories from the pack. Then, spot clean any areas that are dirty with a mild soap and water solution. Finally, rinse the pack off with clean water and allow it to air dry.

Can you take an external frame backpack on a plane?

Yes, you can take an external frame backpack on a plane as long as it meets the size and weight restrictions of the airline.


The best external frame backpack is the perfect choice for those who are looking to carry a lot of weight. It’s also great if you’re going on any long trips and need some extra space in your pack or bag. Not only does this type of pack provide comfort, but it can be very durable as well.

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