Top 5 Quality Backpack with Lunch Compartment

Do you carry your backpack almost everywhere? Do you know which is the best backpack with a lunch compartment?

It is normal to carry books, stationery, paint supplies, clothes, and other miscellaneous items in the backpack. It would be best if your backpack allows you to carry your lunch box separately in a lunch compartment.

Having a separate compartment for keeping lunch protects your other belongings from getting stained. Also, it saves a lot of space and time, as you know where to find lunch.

There are multiple backpacks available in the market which offer buyers a lunch compartment. The buyer may get confused as to what exactly to buy. This article discusses the top five excellent quality backpacks with lunch box compartment and their reviews to solve that problem. Reading up about their pros and cons will help you make a choice.

Following are the best backpacks with a lunch compartment.

Here is the Quick Answer for The Backpack with Lunch Compartment

NO: 01 NO: 01 Insulated Cooler Backpack with Lunch Compartment Insulated Cooler Backpack with Lunch Compartment
  • Dimensions:5.6 x 8 x 11.4 inches
  • Weight:2.12 pounds
  • Capacity:25 L
  • Color:Grey/Black
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NO: 02 NO: 02 Maelstrom Travel Cooler Lunch Backpack Maelstrom Travel Cooler Lunch Backpack
  • Manufacturer:‎Maelstrom
  • Weight:‎1.17 Kilograms
  • Material:Polyester
  • Color:‎Orange
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NO: 03 NO: 03 Carhartt Unisex Insulated Cooler Backpack Carhartt Unisex Insulated Cooler Backpack
  • Brand:Carhartt
  • Dimensions:17.55 x 14.57 x 5.71 inches
  • Weight:0.65 Kilograms
  • Suggested Users:‎Unisex-adult
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NO: 04 NO: 04 Carhartt Dual Compartment Insulated Lunch Cooler Carhartt Dual Compartment Insulated Lunch Cooler
  • Brand:Carhartt
  • Dimensions:10 x 9 x 7 inches
  • Weight:‎11.2 Ounces
  • Included Components:‎Lunchbox
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NO: 05 NO: 05 Maelstrom Lunch Box for Men Maelstrom Lunch Box for Men
  • Brand:Maelstrom
  • Dimensions:13.07 x 11.34 x 3.19 inches
  • Weight:1.28 Pounds
  • Suggested Users:Unisex-adult
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01. Insulated Cooler Backpack with Lunch Compartment

Insulated Cooler Backpack with Lunch Compartment

The best thing about this backpack is that the insulated cooler serves as a lunch box compartment. The front pocket, which serves as a lunch box compartment, is leakproof.

It keeps the hot things and cool things cool for 2-3 hours. The food will not just be at the right temperature but also very fresh if you get this backpack for yourself. The size of the lunch box compartment is 11.4 x 8 x 5.6 inches, which is a good enough space to put everything nicely.

The backpack’s design is smart, as when you don’t plan to carry food with you, the compartment for the lunch box will shrink up to provide space for the other items. The insulating layer can be folded to do so.

The back strap of the backpack is comfortable and wide enough to support the shoulders. You will not tire out holding it up when it is significantly heavy.

The material of the bag is of high quality. It is durable and can easily endure rough usage and wear or tear. It is an ideal keepsake for all genders and ages.

  • The insulating layer in the lunch box compartment
  • The ability of the insulating layer to fold itself when empty
  • Water-resistant and strong
  • For some, shoulder straps can be too wide.
  • It is not very spacious.

02. Maelstrom Travel Cooler Lunch Backpack

Maelstrom Travel Cooler Lunch Backpack

The material of the insulator used in this backpack is an excellent one. The food can be kept hot and cold for as long as 16 hours because of the manufacturing quality. The best part about this backpack is that it can be easily cleaned inside, especially the lunch box compartment.

The compartment size is 19”x 13”x 9”. The backpack can hold up to 27 liters of drinks and edibles. The storage area in the backpack is divided into many areas and pockets, which can be used to put other stuff, such as books, laptops, chargers, and other accessories.

The back and shoulder strap of the backpack is padded to reduce the feeling of fatigue and weight while carrying the backpack. This beast can pack up all your stuff if you plan to camp somewhere or go for a long hike.

A chest buckle in the backpack is added to provide relaxation from the weight. The buckle also helps to distribute the backpack’s weight evenly so as not to exert pressure on any one area of the body. There is a survival whistle too, which can be used in times of emergency.

On the side of the backpack, a spacious pocket is made to carry water bottles. Two bottles can easily be placed together in the area. In addition, the shoulder strap has a bottle opener attached to it. There is a stretch cord to hang sunglasses on the backpack.

This backpack is also solely used for carrying lunch because of its excellent insulation. It is the best for use in outdoor activities.

  • It can be taken anywhere- to a camp, mountain, or school.
  • More spacious.
  • Padding on the back and the shoulder strap.
  • It keeps food hot or cold for 16 hours.
  • The backpack is heavier than the stuff most of the time.
  • Very reasonable price for so many options.
  • The bottle-keeping area is also bigger than needed.

03. Carhartt Unisex Insulated Cooler Backpack

Carhartt Unisex Insulated Cooler Backpack

Made up of polyester, this backpack weighs around 1.45 pounds. It is available in black color. There are separate pockets for food and gear. The lunch box compartment in the backpack is insulated so that the temperature of the food stays the same.

These beasts can be excellent for long trips, camping, hiking, festivals, concerts, or even tough site jobs. The water-resistant material makes it the best choice for rough users.

The backpack can also hold up to 12 cans and an icepack in the cooler compartment. You can carry your bar with you wherever you want.

The size of the cooler backpack is 12.5W x 17.75H x 8D inches. If you carry more lunch than others, the bag has enough space for edibles. The Carhartt can be the best gift for someone who prefers sturdy things or has a hectic routine.

  • It is water resistant.
  • For rough users, the fabric is just right.
  • Big compartments for edibles.
  • Only black and brown colors are available.
  • Not very fancy in appearance.

04. Carhartt Dual Compartment Insulated Lunch Cooler

Carhartt Dual Compartment Insulated Lunch Cooler

This backpack and design are more inclined toward the adults` line of choice. Available in solid colors and patterns, the material of this backpack is a rain defender.

Being water repellant, the buyer does not have to worry about showers or water spills. So, if you are trekking or going to a beach, you know your stuff is safe inside.

The dual compartment for the lunch box is made up of heavy-duty material. It is so spacious that one can easily put a 6-pack lunch box inside. The lunch box compartment is completely insulated to ensure the freshness and temperature maintenance of the food.

The shape of this backpack is more like a suitcase, giving it a trendy and classy look. It has a shoulder strap and a top handle, making it easier to carry.

The lunch box compartment measures 10w x 9h x 7d inches; and weighs 0.7 lbs. It is easy to clean, durable, and extremely classy.

  • The design and make of the backpack are different and classy.
  • The weight of the backpack itself is light.
  • The material of the lunchbox compartment is heavy-duty fabric.
  • The material of the backpack is a rain defender.
  • For people who prefer to carry the bag on both shoulders, this might be a put-off.
  • Only solid colors and patterns are available.

05. Maelstrom Lunch Box for Men

Maelstrom Lunch Box for Men

It is a sleek and stylish lunch box carrier made of nylon and available in different shapes. The best feature of this lunchbox backpack is that it is ultra-light. Its sturdy structure keeps the lunchbox to stand upright even when put down. This ensures no spills.

The insulation in the compartment is excellent as it is a five-layer design ensuring an extra degree of efficiency in temperature maintenance.  

Lovingly called the foodie bud by the Maelstrom family, the product’s durability is amazing. It is very easy to open and close because of the food placement division. The shoulder strap and handle make it very easy to carry around.

The handle is padded, so it is easy for the carrier to carry it around. The bag’s material is also tear-proof, making it perfect for rough users. 

There is an insulated front pocket in the backpack lunchbox compartment where you can easily put your cutlery. The material inside the compartment is food graded.

  • Extra efficiency in the lunch box compartment is ensured by food-graded material.
  • Tear-proofing of the bag makes it durable.
  • Excellent insulation
  • A different place for cutlery
  • Available for males only
  • No space for other stuff

Frequently Asked Questions

Which backpack is the most effective for users who stay outdoors?

We recommend carrying Maelstrom travel coolers because of the efficiency of their design. The chest buckle makes it easier to carry.

What is an ideal size for a lunchbox compartment backpack?

It depends on what you usually carry with you. If you intend to carry a lot of lunch, choose backpacks that allow you to carry it separately. If you wish to carry food along with other stuff, choose a good-quality backpack with a compartment allotted to carrying lunch.

Purchase Guide for the Best Backpack with Lunchbox Compartment

  • The lunchbox compartment`s size and make is the most important thing. According to the lunch you carry along, you can choose the backpack.
  • The material of the backpack matters a lot. Always choose water-resistant, leak-proof material.
  • The external and internal frame of the backpack should be durable and sturdy.
  • There should be insulated material used on the inside of the lunchbox compartment.
  • Carrying the backpack should also be easy. Go for the padded straps and back.


People who carry backpacks to their work, college, or trips make sure that their comfort level is not at all compromised. Also, when making a decision such as buying a backpack with a lunch box compartment is made, there are so many things to be considered. We are sure that you are in the best position now to make a wise choice.

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